My name is Ellen Baxley -a registered dietitian, mom of 3, mimi of 4, and lover of healthy food, dancing, art, and Jesus!  I designed this website to help educate others on the importance of nutrition and how to achieve optimal health through it.  My goal is to clear up the confusion and give you scientific evidenced-based information that will help you reach your health goals!  More about me.

A few things this website offers

I follow a plant-based diet so this website offers great advice as well as the nutritional considerations.  However, I realize not everyone is ready to make that change yet so this website also gives general healthy advice for everyone.  I would encourage you to read through the plant-based living section to help inspire you and also check out my YouTube channel for helpful tips and ideas.
This website also focuses on other aspects of healthy living and caring for your body as a WHOLE.  Not just focused on what we put in our body but how we take care of our body as a whole!
I'm also concerned with the rise of childhood obesity and health problems.  I want to help parents understand the importance of nutrition and how to feed their family. Giving children a well-balanced, nutritious meal is vitally important for mental and physical growth.
-It can help increase our child’s concentration and memory
-It can result in quicker motor, sensory, language and cognitive development
-It can result in a higher IQ and better school performance in the future. 
-It can help decrease behavioral, emotional and academic problems at school!
healthy recipes
   Giving your child THE BEST!

It is predicted the parent of today will outlive their children due to the epidemic overweight children! 60% of overweight children have at least one Heart Disease risk factor and 25% have 2 or more risk factors. Sleep Apnea (a lack of breathing during sleep for at least 10 minutes) occurs in 7% of overweight children. The prevalence of overweight children has increased an average of 11.2% over the past 24yrs. The greatest increase is in the age group 12-19yr old!

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*Toddlers are very impressionable, which makes it the perfect time to help them form good eating habits. *Experts say it takes 10-15 exposures to start liking a certain food sometimes so continue to encourage and offer a variety of foods even if you think they won't like it. *When children are offered a balanced diet over time, they will develop good eating habits

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