The vegan options are marked with a      . Many recipes can easily turn into a vegan option by changing to a nondairy source or using flax eggs

Carrot cake-healthy
Medjool date honey caramel ice cream
Salted caramel brownies
All natural ingredients and a great 'sweet' alternative!
My fav chocolate banana muffins
Vegan pecan pie smoothie
Vegan apple pie bread
Almond joy truffles
Gingersnap apple parfait
Vegan if you sub cashew yogurt
Strawberry cheesecake blizzard
Apple parfait crunch
Matcha coconut bars
Spinach chocolate chip muffins
Candied ginger
Chocolate Almond Coconut Macaroon
Blueberry Cheesecake Bars
No dairy and all healthy ingredients
Pumpkin pecan bars
Lemon zucchini bread
Chocolate mouse -5 min
Sweet potato muffin
Coconut date cookies
Only 5 ingredients, all natural
Healthy salted caramel Slice
Pumpkin granola apple parfait
Healthy salted caramel cups
Healthy cherry pie
Healthy apple crisp
Chocolate pineapple rings
Vanilla chocolate bars
Matcha tahini cookies
Use flax egg for vegan version
Cinnamon skillet apples
Acai ice-cream
Chocolate banana crispy rolls
Use the chocolate sauce on this link
Choc banana PB chip muffins
Cookie surprise
Cashew yogurt bowl
Chickpea cookie dough
Apple oatmeal crisp
Matcha frozen yogurt
Apple crisp cookie cup
Blueberry-lemon bread pudding
Choc avocado truffles
Healthy truffles
Matcha pistachio balls
2 ingredient 'nice' cream
The easiest, healthiest ice cream alternative! This one is PB and banana! YUM. *caution -you can get addicted ;)
Easy strawberry banana ice cream
You can also make:
•Very Berry: bananas + a mix of frozen berries
•Peach: bananas + peach + a pinch a ginger
•Pina Colada: bananas + coconut milk + pineapple
•Chocolate Peanut Butter: bananas + peanut butter + cocoa powder
Creamy coconut chia pudding
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