This service is for those that take their health seriously. You know the direct impact that nutrition has on one’s health and the critical role it plays.  This service will provide you with the knowledge you need to accomplish optimal health.  You can apply this knowledge at home so the entire family can benefit as well.  There are different options, select the one that is best for you:

Option one -Local or Live chat diet education, $75 for one hour

-I will educate you on the desired diet such as diabetes, kidney, celiac, etc

-You will get thorough, accurate, & current information

-We will discuss any barriers and how to overcome them

-I will make it simple but effective

Option two -Local or Live chat weight loss counseling, see price below

-I will review your recent labs and health concerns

-We will set SMART goals that are realistic to your lifestyle

-We will discuss any barriers and how to overcome them

-We will identify changes that are simple to make but effective

-You will get a step by step plan of how to begin accomplishing your health goals

For option two the cost begins at $100 for initial visit and $50 for follow-up visits

Some get enough information in the initial visit to be able to meet their goals but many need support and accountability to help them succeed.  If you need a follow-up visit you will learn additional information to help build better decision making skills.  You will gain the knowledge and confidence you need to accomplish your health goals. This will be done either in person or via live chat