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My Story


Hi! I'm Ellen Baxley, a registered dietitian -nutrition expert. I hold a bachelors degree in dietetics from FSU (go Noles) and have over 20 years experience working with all ages.  I am very involved in my community and love to share my knowledge to help others. The driving force behind this website is my passion for healthy living and my dedication to show others what an impact it has on their health!

Nutrition is the FOUNDATION for healthy living!


I am concerned about the obesity epidemic and declining health in this country.  I went into this field for a reason- so I could do my part to make a difference!

I am passionate about healthy living so in this website you will find many things based on that concept including nutrition information, recipes, and healthy products that I use. Considering all aspect of WHOLE HEALTH based on scientific evidence!

When I'm not working full time as a dietitian, I'm attempting to eat as clean as possible, updating this website, hanging with family or friends, working out, cooking, dancing, or doing house projects :D

A little bit more about me:

-I follow a semi 'Whole Food Plant-Based' diet but I do eat chocolate daily!

-I'm a LesMills instructor and love working out!

-I have 3 beautiful kids and 4 grand babies.

-Obsessed with home improvement shows! 

-I absolutely love to dance, it's part of my soul (secret

dream of mine is to be a back up dancer -it could happen)

-I love finding fun, adventurous things to do with my BF or besties

-I love to draw, paint, and do anything crafty.

-I love to help motivate others to live a healthy life!

Thank you for visiting and God bless!

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