The vegan options are marked with a      . Many recipes can easily turn into a vegan option by omitting the cheese +/or meat

Chocolate frosting
Another recipe here
Cashew parmesan
Almond butter
Walnut butter
I use Publix organic walnuts. The walnuts that you use can make a difference
Sweet potato caramel
Pumpkin butter
Tomato sauce
basil pesto
Arugula pesto
Walnut pesto
Carrot rosemary dip
Avocado lime dressing
Vegan thousand island
Use agave vs honey
Cashew ranch
Tahini dressing
Here's another recipe: <figure class="imgCont ng-scope hover animation" id="new_987" style="background: none;" draggable="true" ng-click="preview(img, $index)" ng-class="{active: ===}" ng-repeat="img in images">
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Greek dressing
Cashew lime crema dressing
Peanut Ginger Asian
Sesame ginger dressing
Use agave vs honey
Peanut lime sauce
Citrus dressing
Perfect on my protein bowls!
Almond pad thai sauce
Use maple syrup vs honey
Avocado dressing
Taste great on the bean burgers!
Buffalo & yogurt dill sauce
Miso Tumeric dressing
Avocado cilantro sauce
Date Paste
SO yummy!!
Beet hummus
Vegan cream cheese
Spinach dip
Sundried tomato pesto
Cashew whip
Romesco Sauce
Satay sauce
Use maple syrup or agave vs honey
Citrus chia jam
Strawberry chia jam
Blueberry chia jam
Use agave vs honey
Balsamic Glaze
Polynesian wing sauce
Peanut tempeh
Vegan Mac n Cheese sauce
Another recipe found here
Vegan alfredo sauce
Vegan cheese sauce
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