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Need Weight Loss?

Weight loss -the most talked about topic around! There are so many suggested ways to lose weight but there is one critical consideration that most of us are missing.... 

You want to lose weight WITHOUT compromising your health.  Most of the suggested diets out there offer weight loss but at the expense of your health and wallet! Losing weight can be easy once you develop the knowledge and I can help with that part.  

When you're trying to lose weight it's important that you make small enough changes where you see results but don't feel like you’re on a diet.  You don’t want to feel deprived, frustrated, or overwhelmed, which tends to happen when we make too many changes all at once.  This makes it difficult to stick with it as well.  You want to make changes that are comfortable and realistic that you can live with forever.  It’s important to have goals but to work at a realistic, comfortable pace to accomplish them. 

Another critical thing to consider is making sure you aren't hurting your health when trying to lose weight.  This is something I see all too often- someone is so desperate to lose weight that they follow some trendy diet that promises fast results and wind up hurting their health.  It's not always about the number on the scale, you don't want to sacrifice your health in order to see a certain 'number'.   Everyone thinks they're an expert at weight loss and nutrition.  But the truth is the ONLY ones that are experts are registered dietitians.  I truly believe obesity and health concerns are on the rise because people are listening to the wrong advice from those that have no education on the subject.  If you have heart concerns, you see a cardiologist (they are the specialist), if you want to lose weight or need nutrition advice then ask a dietitian!

Eating healthy can take time, it’s a process, it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight, so be patient.  You’re developing new habits and that can take time.  The cool thing is that it gets easier overtime to make healthier choices.  Your taste buds start to change and you desire healthier foods more often.  You're changing your current ‘normal way of eating’ and developing a ‘new normal’.  That way you always enjoy your foods and never feel like you’re on a diet.  The first step in making changes is having the desire and commitment to do so.  The 2nd step is having the knowledge so it can guide you in the right direction.  Having the knowledge helps you build better decision making skills needed to be successful. See the healthy eating page and other links on this page to get you started.  However, I will tell you that everyone's body chemistry is different (which is what a dietitian studies in their extensive education), so if you're serious about losing weight and want to know what will work best for you, make an appointment to meet with a dietitian. I offer virtual one-on-one consultations but I'm very limited on time so I wrote a quick pocket guide on 'how to lose weight' which will get you headed in the right direction (see below).

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