When Eating Out

    Establish eating-out rules to reduce calories and fat:


    Limit the following foods:
    Fried foods
    Meat toppings on pizza
    Cream sauces, cheese sauces, gravies, and salad dressings
    Beverages with sugar, such as soda, juice, and ice tea
    Bread, crackers, Chinese noodles


    Substitute the following foods:
    Water or low fat Milk instead of juice or soft drinks
    Plain hamburgers instead of cheeseburgers & small vs large
    Cheese or veggie pizza instead meat pizza
    Light/fat-free salad dressing or vinegar/lemon instead of creamy salad dressing
    Lean meats instead of high fat meats
    Baked potato or veggies instead of French fries

    Refuse the bread basket they bring you sometimes
    Don't top your salads with bacon bits, lots of cheese, croutons, or other high fat toppings   
    Order pasta dishes with tomato sauce or noncreamy sauces
    Drink water or eat raw veggies to curb your appetite
    Ask for a doggie bag in the beginning and put 1/2 your meal in it.
    Order lots of vegetables and share desserts if needing one