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Kids who skip morning meals are more likely to be overweight, moody, and suffer from sluggish memory recall.  They also fall short in vocabulary, reading, and math!
A study of 4,000 preschoolers showed that skipping breakfast also contributed to tooth decay.

Acai Bowl

6 more reasons it's vital to have a healthy breakfast:


1) Students math and reading scores improve

2) Students were less likely to miss class or be tardy

3) Discipline problem decreased

4) It improves our memory and concentration

5) Helps maintain a healthy weight

6) Visits to the school nurse decreased

For cereal comparison see

Research shows that kids who eat breakfast do better academically and socially at school. So it's worth putting some effort into finding healthy foods that your child will eat before heading out the door in the morning.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas:

-Breakfast Parfait (plain yogurt, berries, granola)

-Whole grain toast & almond butter with fruit

-Cottage cheese (low fat) with fruit

-Breakfast burrito (egg whites, veggies, low fat cheese wrapped in a whole grain tortilla)

-Whole grain muffin or cereal -see here for options

-Fresh fruit or fruit salad

-Oatmeal with fruit added

-Whole grain waffle with peanut butter

-Whole grain bagel with low fat cream cheese or peanut butter

-Smoothies (from my healthy smoothie page)


Visit my breakfast recipe page for more ideas

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