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Nutrients from the foods you eat become the building blocks that form the organ systems, brain, skeleton, muscles, and all the components that make up your baby. Therefore, what you eat can be one of the most important factors in determining your baby’s future health. The mother's diet during her pregnancy can determine the child's brain size and birth weight; if the mother does not provide enough nutrients to the child while he/she is in utero, his/her brain will not develop to its full potential. In order for the child to get enough nourishment during the pregnancy, the mother should gain an additional 20 percent from her ideal pre-pregnancy weight.

Expecting a Sibling

Energy Needs during Pregnancy:


You should not actually “eat for two,” or double your calorie intake. However, in order to gain weight, you do need to eat extra calories. Energy needs for pregnant adult women typically range from 2500–2700 calories/day, but may be more or less depending on factors such as pre-pregnancy weight, height, age, and activity level. Moms-to-be need a variety of foods from all of the MyPlate food groups. A balanced eating plan with a variety of foods can provide healthy women with enough nutrients for pregnancy

It's normal to crave or dislike certain foods during pregnancy -you can find a variety of healthy choices listed here. 

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