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My favorite easy oats

Basic recipe:

Put 1/2 cup Bobs Red Mill quick cooking organic oats in a mason jar then add 1T chia seeds, ½ T flax seeds, ½ T hemp seeds, 2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk. Then add any of the below ingredients to make your favorite! Let sit for at least 6 hours before eating.  Recipe originally from here but revised by me:

Blueberry lemon -follow the basic recipe above then add:

1tsp vanilla extract, 2T blueberry jam, handful of blueberries, little lemon zest

Pina Colada: (basic recipe)

1T honey, pinch of slivered almonds, handful of pineapple, top it with shredded coconut.

Chocolate strawberry (basic recipe)

1T honey, 1tsp cocoa powder, chopped strawberries, top with a little shaved chocolate

Carrot Cake: (basic recipe)

1T Maple syrup, 1tsp cinnamon, ¼ cup shredded carrots, and pinch of pecans

Chocolate PB banana: (basic recipe)

1T Maple syrup, 1-2T nut butter, small handful of banana pieces, ½ T cacao powder. After you heat it up & it’s cooled toss in a pinch of cacao nibs or chocolate chips

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