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On the Go

Tips and Ideas for those always on-the-go

Sometimes we're so busy it's hard to find the time to eat healthy. Between our busy schedule or many kid's activities, it's difficult. Some of us are scheduled from the first thing in the morning until we go to bed at night. Finding room for proper nutrition is challenging. Much thought and preparation is required for the day ahead in order to set ourselves up for a successful day of healthful eating. When planning meals and snacks doesn’t happen, we are stuck with vending-machine and fast-food options. It's OK to occasionally have foods from these places, but as an exception, rather than the norm. With proper practice and forethought, it will become second nature to give ourselves foods that will promote health and well-being as we run from activity to activity!

Here are some helpful tips:


- Have a nonperishable “snack box” in the car. Fill it with high-fiber, healthful granola bars (read below), trail mix, dried fruit, boxes of raisins, nuts, water, and whole-grain crackers in proper portions.

-Remember to make sure your child has some protein in their snack, so that he/she stays fuller longer. High-fiber carbohydrates are the best bet to pair with lean protein, helping you get the most nutrition from the snack.

-Pre-portion snacks that you buy at the grocery store into baggies or plastic containers immediately so they are ready to go for the week.

- Prepare meals ahead of time to just heat up on the super busy days.

-Have several cold packs in your freezer and ready to go, so that if they don’t make it back into the freezer immediately after use, you are still able to keep snacks and meals cold.

-Pack frozen popsicles made from the healthy smoothie page so they're ready to eat when you or the kids are.

Healthy Snack Ideas:

-Sliced fresh carrots, celery, or green peppers.

-Organic dried fruit without added sugar

-Homemade popcorn seasoned w/seasoning of choice such as cinnamon or dried herbs 

-Spread natural peanut butter on apple slices  or crackers or celery (with raisins)

-Snack size yogurt, try adding a sprinkle of high fiber cereal or fruit on top. 

-Unsweet applesauce or fruit. 

-Bean dip or hummus spread thin on crackers or pita bread

-Trail mix: (mix 1c mini pretzels, 1c raisins, 1c of nuts, 1/2 c sunflower seeds), this makes twelve 1/4 cup servings.  You could also add dried fruit

Kids Running

For some travel friendly snacks click here. For 'eating healthy on the run' click here.  For on-the-go breakfast ideas click here

Getting more creative


-Swirl applesauce and raisins into warm oatmeal. You can also try dried cranberries, apples, honey, or nuts.

-Peel a banana, dip in yogurt, roll it in crushed cereal & freeze

-Breakfast parfait with layers of plain yogurt; chopped fresh fruit; and crunchy, iron-fortified cereal. Kids love this in an ice cream cone.

-Puree chunks of peaches, pears, or apples in the blender or food processor. Thin with fruit juice to desired consistency. Use instead of syrup on waffles and pancakes. Add milk to make a meal.

-Mix cottage cheese with chopped peaches, pears, or apples. Spread on whole wheat crackers or toast.

-Heat a freshly made or frozen pancake, spread with peanut butter, top with sliced banana, and roll up.

-Mini pizza made with English muffins, pita bread, or eggplants (see recipe on this page)
-Smear a scoop of frozen yogurt on 2 graham crackers and add sliced banana to make a yummy sandwich

-Make snack kabobs.  Put cubes of low-fat cheese and grapes on pretzel sticks.

-Toast a whole grain waffle and top with low-fat yogurt and sliced peaches

-Mix together peanut butter and cornflakes in a bowl.  shape into balls and roll in crushed graham crackers.

-Banana split: top a banana with low-fat vanilla and strawberry frozen yogurt, sprinkle with your favorite whole-grain cereal.

-Inside out: Spread mustard on a slice of turkey then wrap it around a sesame bread stick

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